Get Lured Esky Bags

Get Lured bags are Custom designed and built in FNQ by the best in the business.

They are made to last many hard years of constant use in harsh conditions, commercially or privately.

The highest quality materials have been used in the making of these Custom designed bags. Their quality is unlike any other product on the market. I believe you get what you pay for and these Esky Bags are well worth the money. They are considered by many as good as an ‘Engel Fridge’ in Bag form, but with more room!

Get Lured bags quality materials and insulation is so outstanding that the Bags will keep party ice for at least 24 hours and block ice for at least 3 days, tried, tested and proven.

The materials were carefully selected and tested to withstand the hottest of temperatures, even in the tropics, and the toughest of conditions, before the final product was released for sale.

These outstanding tough cold esky bags are resistant to tearing, and are UV treated. All seams have been treated with a durable seal product.

The Get Lured Bags have a 12 month warranty on stitching and defects, however general wear and tear is not covered by warranty.

Although their original intended purpose was for fishing, they have proved popular for camping, quad riding, hunting, 4WD’s, Campervans,  and BBQ’s. Check out the entire range on our shop page including Cold man Beer Bags, Chic Wine bags and Back pack cold esky bags.


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